Spur, A Wolf's Story- New Book!

I’m so excited to share my new book. Written by Eliza Robertson and Published by Greystone Kids, this is the first book that I’ve illustrated that has my name on the cover! It was a struggle, but I’m so pleased with how the illustrations came together. As a bonus, I got to spend lots of time researching wolves and checking out lots of wolf books from the library. Find Spur, a Wolf’s Story here or inquire at your local independent bookstore.


New Website

I was long overdue for a website refresh, so here it is! Though I had been avoiding the tedium of looking through new and old work, the process actually gave me a lot of insight into what I really like in my own work and what I'd like to make in the future. As much as I like to keep creating and not dwelling on old projects, digging through so many images was unexpectedly fun.  There were old images I found that I've been dying to revisit, and some pretty cool sketches for screen prints that got lost in the shuffle. I kept stumbling across photos of paintings I had forgotten about, and pieces I had never scanned sitting in drawers. There were some pieces that I found embarrassing (either old or poorly made), but that reminded me of where I was and who I was when I made it. I think about my old studio apartment in downtown Oakland where I lived when I started my Etsy shop, the first time I tried Holbein acrylic gouache, the period when I went to Mission Grafica on Wednesdays to burn my screens, the first Renegade Craft Fair I participated in,  and so on. Side note: I'm a hopelessly nostalgic person. Finally, under all the piles and amongst all the renegade JPEGS hiding on my computer, I've gathered a selection of images of which I'm proud to say, "I made this!".

 Next it's time to clean up my studio.

Tiny Artist.jpg